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Having Guests for Lunch Tomorrow & Have No Time to Cook?

With our out-of-the-box ideas for catering, you don’t have to sweat the small stuff. Get more important house chores or office tasks done instead. Let us do the cooking for you!

Delicious Meals From out of a Box

A fast-paced and busy work schedule can easily interrupt your life. With our prepared meals, we can save you time through impromptu meetings, spur of the moment parties, and simply preparing a meal for your family.

Call Cooking Connection and pick out the meals you’d be happy to serve to friends, loved ones, guests, and coworkers. We cater to customers in the Fayetteville region and deliver boxed lunches (within 24 hours).

Boxed Lunch Specials

Now you can focus on having a good time with friends, loved ones, or party guests without worrying about what dishes to serve and how much food to prepare. You can also be sure about making that big office meeting a productive one with your mind free from food-related stress. View our daily and specialty menus and let us know what you want for lunch, dinner, and what have you.

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Use Our 7 Convenient Ways Out

  1. Choose from a delectable array of food choices for parties big and small
  2. Enjoy homemade meals featured in our daily and specialty menus
  3. You can ask us to cook dishes not included in the menu
  4. You don’t have to prepare and serve meals or even wash dishes
  5. All meals are ready to eat
  6. We have well trained servers to help you manage your party and its guests.
  7. Lunch, dinner, or party food is always just a phone call away

Effortless Decisions


Private Dinners

Whether at home or at the office, we have the skills and the time to prepare meals for your formal or casual dinner. Let us save you some time from your busy schedule and come home to a hot, satisfying, home cooked meal… and you can take all the credit!

What’s for Dinner

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Formal Gatherings

How can we help create memories to last a lifetime? Let us help you put that special touch with a customized menu for your intimate gathering, wedding reception, or other special occasion!

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Business Functions

If you want things formal and businesslike, let us know. We follow a time-tested and proven approach to catering for corporate events and corporate functions. Count on our well-trained servers and kitchen staff to be there to take care of your guests.

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Group Meetings

Tired of the usual chicken, burgers, and pizza during office or group meetings? Now there’s a more efficient way to prepare refreshments for upcoming working lunches and brainstorming sessions. Call Cooking Connection and tell us what you’d like to have.

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