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Food Preparation Made Easy

Cooking Connection opened for business 30 years ago, in the heart of Fayetteville. Our purpose was to make food preparation easy! We are known for our quality food, exceptional service, and our casseroles… ready to bake with homemade quality. Our ownership may have changed, but our heart and soul is still in the recipes we served over 30 years ago. Whether you are pressed for time or simply looking for a little help during the week, we are happy to provide you with quality meals, exceptional flavor and great service.

For Events, Big or Small, Just Call!

For people organizing parties or events, thinking about what dishes to offer guests and how much food is needed are only a few of the toughest tasks to deal with. No matter how small or big these parties might be, it pays to have professionals helping you select the right lunch, dinner, or party fare. We do that for our customers and then send in our food servers and kitchen staff on the big day to take care of your guests.

Customizable Menus, Ready-To-Eat Meals

We are available to deliver homemade meals within 24 to 48 hours after you place your order. We accept special request for dishes not found on our menu. Our food is cooked in-house using recipes that have been around for several generations.

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We deliver to areas within 50 miles around Fayetteville. Rush orders may be subject to additional charges. Call us today at 910-483-2777.